Private house Santa Clara

The city of Santa Clara has gone down in history because of the events that took place in this city in December of 1958 were crucial to the success of the revolution. In particular, the guerrilla warfare led by Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos inflicted heavy losses to the army of Fulgencio Batista and brought about the capitulation and the dictator’s escape.

Santa Clara is known for being home to the mausoleum of Che Guevara, divided into 2 two parts: the first area has, since August 1997, the graves of Ernesto Guevara and six of his comrades who fell in Bolivia and 14 fighters killed in Guatemala. The second area is dedicated to a fotocronistoria of life of Che from the earliest years of life, integrating the photos to the personal property of the fighter and commonly used during his work as a doctor in the south of Cuba at the time of landing with Fidel Castro in 1956.

Only 50 km from Santa Clara is Lake Hanabanilla located on the slopes of the Sierra del Escambray, which can be seen from every corner of its lush vegetation along the banks of the lake.

For an hour and a half from Santa Clara, Cayo Santa Maria is ideal to enjoy the pristine beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. On the coastal road, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of rural areas and can cross the cities of Camajuaní, Remedios and Caibarien. Remedios is one of the oldest towns in Cuba, and colonial architecture dominates this quiet town. Remedios was declared a National Monument, where you can find the seventeenth century buildings still intact.

Private House Santa Clara